Thursday, April 24, 2008

Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy #1:

Within one hour of commenting on Chad's anti-bike entry that I've been breaking my company's landlord's no bike policy, the building admin stopped by and commented that I can't be bringing my bike into my office. Fortunately, I was at lunch when she stopped by, so I only heard the remark via a messenger. Big brother is watching.

Conspiracy #2:

I'm pretty sure my family is conspiring to get me sick before RAWROD (warning, link contains potentially offensive content, but it seems to be a pretty accurate description of this weekend's ride to me). My kids have either coughed, sneezed, or rubbed snot directly in my face 429 times this past week. So far I've resisted their attempts to make me sick, but I'm afraid my defenses are getting weak.

1 comment:

Sabrosa Cycles said...

Big brother is most certainly watching.
I am hoping that you can at least stay well enough to get your epic on this weekend.
Send me that picture that you have of me looking funny while climbing that little techy spot.