Monday, September 12, 2011

Dry Humping

Have you ever finished a ride that was so good that you almost felt like you needed to go see your ecclesiastical authority afterwards to clear things up? Because nothing should feel that good without being a little sinful? No? Well maybe you've been doing too many road rides when you should have been on your mountain bike.

In case you've never had that "dirty" feeling after a mountain bike ride, just think of it being a little bit like the title of today's post. It's a grey area.

Anyway, today's route was the Dry Canyon Loop with an out an back on Great Western (aka, upper Fransisco) to the overlook on the south side of Little Baldy. Or "Dry Hump", if you will. With a side of Heavy Petting. Throw in the fact that we smoked the pipe, and I think I may need to call my bishop.

Does this mean I'm back? Let me know if anyone is still out there. Chirp, chirp...