Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Started out the weekend by heading up A.F. canyon to camp with the family. We camped above the Timpanooke campground, probably close to the bear attack. Amazing how it suddenly got easier to find empty campsites up there! The next morning, we hit up Silver Lake for some fishing. Other than one bite, we had no luck. A bunch of trucks and ATVs were driving along the north shore of the lake where we were trying to fish despite clear signs prohibiting motorize vehicles. As the first one came by, my daughter says to me, "daddy, do they not know the rule?" We hadn't mentioned the signs to her yet, so I asked "what rule?" She says, "the rule not to drive on the beach?" (to her, if we're by water, we must be on the beach). Amazing how my 3-year-old can figure it out, but a bunch of hicks driving big trucks can't.

I happened to bring my bike along, "just in case I needed it." The family was ready to call it a day, so I sent them home without me and I took the scenic route home. Up Tibble Fork, down Joy (aka, East Fork South Creek) and back up to the summit, down the "Jurassic Park" trail (aka, Aspen Grove Summit Trail) to Aspen Grove, played around on the race loops at Sundance for an hour or so, cruised down the Provo Canyon bike path and hopped on the Bridal Veil Falls trail (aka, Betty) which took me to the mouth of Provo Canyon, and rolled home. Yeah, I think I'm going to like it here in Happy Valley, although I can't help but wonder what is making everyone here so happy if they aren't mountain biking. Riding up Tibble Fork was the hottest ride of the year... until I climbed up the Bridal Veil Falls trail a couple hours later, which is now the new hottest ride of the year. Climbing up a steep rocky desert mountain trail in full sun exposure at 4pm after 3.5 hours in the saddle is a pretty good test of will power. Gotta love it when you are fighting off heat stroke with refreshing swigs of 120 degree water. I think water bottles must act as mini green houses. Good times.

Since I don't have pics today, I'll share more love for Cadel with you. Why is this guy so grumpy? (Fast forward to 25 seconds to get to the good part):

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