Saturday, December 26, 2009

Santa Stopped By

Whatever could it be!?
No, I'm not talking about my wife's "Fall Moab Pillows" in the background.

It's nearly 3 lbs off of my current setup by the time everything is said and done, that's what:

Santa also got me a new set of uber-light tires (which may or may not actually hold air), a new set of uber-light rotors (which may or may not actually stop me) and converted my bike to a 1x9 setup (he's a pretty good mechanic). I reserve the right to throw granny LaBerta back on from time to time for courses like Park City Point to Point and Solitude.

Please don't sneeze when I pass you (which is bound to happen quite often with my new setup). I'm afraid you might break my new wheels.

I'm hoping that the weight savings on my bike will offset the fact that I haven't actually ridden a bike in about 3 weeks, and I've been doing nothing but eating pie, cookies and ice cream for the past 3 days. Playing in the snow and with the family has been fun though.


Carson said...

you must have been really nice this year...

Ski Bike Junkie said...

Like you needed to drop three more pounds. Yikes. I think I'll continue to hide out in the sport class so when you pass me, it doesn't really matter.

South County Ciclista said...

They look fast!

Dan said...

2 words. SBA. Looking sharp. Am I going to have to use drugs to stay up with you this year?

Jon said...

Details? What Hubs/Rims/Spokes are they built with? Which uber-light tires are you referring to? I need details, man!

Aaron said...

Wheels: Notubes ZTR Race 29ers - they are non-customizable and come with American Classic hubs and DT Revolution spokes.

Tires: Notubes Ravens

Rotors: Alligator Wind-Cutters (160 front, 140 rear)

Saddle: SLR

For 1x9 setup, I'm using the MRP chain guide. That's about all there is to it.

MtbAllDay said...

Well, I'm a post behind, but you should know exactly why we're the happiest state:
And please, please, please, don't tell me they are just like you.