Friday, August 20, 2010

Tour of Utah, the Nebo Stage

After climbing Payson Canyon (the cycling version of "The Never Ending Story"), Adam and I met up with Mark near the top of the Nebo Loop to watch the Tour of Utah riders finish Stage 2. Adam decided that the riders needed a little extra motivation to ride fast. You can't tell me that seeing something like what I'm about to show you below wouldn't motivate you to ride away as fast as possible.

***Viewer Discretion is Advised***

Things started out innocently enough (what, this doesn't seem innocent to you? Well keep reading then...):

First there was the barking:

And then the bearded lady started hitting on the support vehicles:

Finally, local mountain biker Mitch Peterson finds out how it feels to get swatted by a tranny:

Levi went on to thank the Bearded Lady for providing the necessary motivation to win the stage:

Once her (his?) work was done, he/she road off into the mist:

Adam may not be making his wife a proud woman, but he made for an entertaining stage at the Tour of Utah, and that's what really matters.


Daniel Zvirzdin said...

Man, you're dead on about the Nebo Loop being the Neverending story.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Nice tan line Grizzly.

Grizzly Adam said...

Should I be embarrassed?

Faceless Ghost said...

So, I don't think we've ever actually met other than the whole leap-frog thing at last year's Point to Point, but I just found out today that we're related because our wives are cousins. Weird.

Aaron said...

FG - I did a little homework, and I'm not sure I like the idea of being the slow guy in the family. However, I'm holding out hope that being related to you will make me faster, even if we are only related through marriage. Seriously though, we need to meet. We need to ride. And we need to synchronize appearances at family functions so that we can talk about bikes and stuff while everyone else talks about... um... whatever it is that normal people talk about. I don't have your contact info, so shoot me an email - Wesla and I need to have you and C over for dinner or something.