Friday, September 24, 2010

Night Crash

*This isn't me in this photo. You'd think that after all of the crashing I've done, at least one of them would have been caught on camera, but I don't think I have a single picture of me crashing.

The night ride was (almost) perfect last night. Perfect temperatures. Perfect trail conditions. Full Moon. Great group. Great trails. Etc. It was perfect right up until I went down. I went down pretty hard, but somehow managed to escape without any serious injuries (at least I hope to have escaped - my knee has a pretty good bump on it, but I'm pretty sure it's just a bruise and nothing structural. Can't put much weight on it yet).

Anyway, I've gone down hard twice this year that I can remember. First there was the RAWROD TT crash, and now last night's crash. I could be subconsciously blocking a few other hard crashes from my memory in an effort to convince myself to keep mountain biking.

In both of this year's crashes, I crashed in places where I'm not sure exactly how or why I crashed. And I happened to be following Rick both times. I'm pretty sure he's been dropping banana peels when I follow him. Or maybe little land mines. I'd welcome any other theories you have, as long as they do not relate to my ability (or lack thereof) to ride a bike.


Rick Sunderlage said...

I think you need a new lead man. I should never be in front of you on the downhills anyway. You are much faster than me.

Maybe you hit one of those suicide birds that like to hang out on the trails at night?

Sorry about the crash. That sucks.

ER Dad said...

You too, Huh? I like to blame the bike most of the time. Couldn't be me. My saying always is, "If you don't crash every once in a while, you aren't pushing your limits and improving." Makes me feel better anyway.

Jason said...

I'm not implying anything here - but were you riding close to Rick's yellow shoes?