Friday, March 28, 2008

Belated San Jorge Post

I met Fish down in St. George a few weeks ago for some good riding with good company. We finished building Fish's new steed, as has been well documented here and here. Mr. Sabrosa left out no detail in building what might be the most beautiful bike I've ever seen.

We took Fish's new bike for its maiden voyage on the Bearclaw Poppy trail. I was just about the only guy on a bike with gears and front suspension. Mr. Sabrosa and crew were bombing down sections like this on their fully ridged bikes - places that most people on full suspension would think twice about:I don't have any pictures of the fully ridged bikes bombing this section, but you get the point. As much fun as it was going down stuff like this, I think we had the most fun trying to ride up. Here's Sabrosa just about ready to go airborn:
Here I am, I think on the same section:

I have some other pics of most everyone on the ride, so I'll email them to you if you give me an address.

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Fish said...

Hook me up, if you have any of me.