Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My first online cycling experience

By now, just about everyone knows people who have dated someone they met online, and probably even know at least one person who has married an online acquaintance. For a while, this type of thing raised a few eyebrows, but now it's pretty much standard practice. Even with its widespread acceptance, when asked about it, the participants inevitably respond "I normally never do this sort of thing, I swear!"

Well yesterday, I had my first online bike-date. I met Rick (http://ride29er.blogspot.com/) via his blog as a result of some bike-related internet browsing. I normally never do this sort of thing, I swear, but being a new transplant to "the U.C.", I've been doing a lot of lunch riding by myself lately, and was frankly getting a little bored of it. I googled "lunch ride" "utah county" in hopes of finding an organized weekly ride, and Rick's blog was the #1 hit. I mentioned this in his comments section, and we eventually hooked up for a mountain bike ride last night up on the BST. Rick was on his single and was climbing well (compared to me). He was some good company for one of my first rides on the dirt this year. It was good to have someone to chase, since I think I get pretty complacent while riding by myself on my lunch rides.

Anyway, if you haven’t tried online cycling, you should give it a shot. Once you get used to it, it isn’t too bad (other than the raised eyebrows you'll receive from your non-cyclist friends).


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed that both of your entries were posted during normal business hours, which means you've got plenty of spare time on the job. Congratulations. That's the way it should be.

Aaron said...

I'll have to find a way to hide the time stamps in case someone from work stumbles across my blog.

Aaron said...

By the way, my first post was at 10:40PM (not AM). Although this may have been within normal business hours at my previous job, that fortunately is no longer the case.

Fish said...

And now you can say, "We met on the Internet."