Thursday, May 22, 2008

"It's not just epic... it's EPIDEMIC" (tm)

This really should be the new slogan for the AMC, where "epidemic" naturally means "really really epic." To get the slogan's full effect, it really needs to be said real tough-like, and ideally should incorporate some 1980's Mountain Dew commercial advertising techniques. Although I just trademarked it, I'd be willing to let AMC use it for a very reasonable royalty (like free admission to the race, for example).

So I decided it was time to crap or get off the pot. Yep, I registered for the AMC today, and I suggest you go and do the same. This will be a birthday party you won't want to miss. I figure that by registering now, there are no excuses. No way to back out now. I've never even done a 1-day endurance race, let alone a multi-day, so this should be interesting for me to say the least. But training for something like this isn't really tricky is it? Shouldn't my training strategy simply be to "ride lots", or is there more to it than that?

The race can't be that complicated either. It basically consists of:
a) Get up early
b) Ride till lunch
c) Repeat steps a and b
d) Repeat steps a and b
e) Repeat steps a and b

How hard can that be? I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I figure I'll do some of the I-Cup races through late July, and then start doing longer, lower intensity rides, with a few high-efforts thrown in for fun.

Speaking of I-Cup, I'm really looking forward to the Draper Race. When I pre-rode it for the first time last year, I thought Ed had gone crazy by planning a race on that course (particularly the second half of it). Then I raced it, and it became one of my favorites.

I've heard of encouraging people to pray for rain, but is it acceptable to encourage people to pray for no rain? Well, that's what I'm doing. I'm asking each of you to pray for no rain on Saturday and Sunday, because from what I understand, the Corner Canyon trails get the really sticky thick stuff when wet. In fact, if you are racing in my class, you should really consider fasting (i.e., no food or water) on Sunday and Monday morning as well.


Fish said...

I'm going to file an intent-to-use application for "Go epicdemic!"

Any interest in an any MTB ride Monday? I'm looking to do some friendly cruising and potentially some grilling with Ben up South Fork. We take the whole families and the kids run around in the park and such and everyone takes turns riding the trails.

Aaron said...

That sounds pretty confusingly similar to my trademark to me. I'm such a nerd for writing this.

MTB Monday sounds good. The race is early, so an afternoon BBQ/MTB would fit nicely. Let me run it by the missus. And remember to pray for no rain.

Fish said...

The race is Monday? I thought this whole time it was on Saturday.

Aaron said...

Yes, it's Monday, which is why it's important for racers in my class to be fasting on Sunday and Monday morning. It's an early start though, so as not to interfere with grilling.