Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Bluebird Day

The plan was to use everyday this week to run, cx ski, or ride in preparation for the tri next week. But then it snowed 18 inches at Sundance. And then it was sunny yesterday morning. I didn't really any other option than to make an appointment with the Bishop instead. Here's a pic of Bishop's Bowl yesterday morning:

Brandon, here's the picture of my ghetto CX ski sled you requested:

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South County Ciclista said...

Thanks, I can visualize the sled and you pulling it better now. As for the appt. with the Bishop. A lot of people bash on Sundance for various reasons, but on a nice powder day you can't find better runs. Especially that close to the office. Glad you are getting out. Reminds me back to my college days of 65+ times boarding at the Canyons in one season. Wow that was fun.