Monday, March 16, 2009

I Need a Severance Pop

Winter and I had some good times. Really good times. But then I went to Saint George for the Desert Rampage race and had a great time racing my bike. During the next two days after the race, I woke up before the wife and kiddies and road the JEM/Goulds/Hurricane Rim loop and also had some fun down at Paradise Canyon.

I was over Winter. I had moved on. I was ready to come home and continue getting some serious action from my bike (okay, so from my multiple bikes - when it comes to biking, I guess you could say that I'm a fundamentalist).

But since I'm a total player, I got home and decided to get a little bit more action from Winter on the side. One more backcountry touring session on Thursday morning ought to do it. And then maybe one more touring session with Adam on Friday (which he wonderfully documented). Okay, so one last skate ski session with Chad up at White Pine on Saturday and Winter and I would be through.

After our brief reunion, I've realized that I was wrong to leave you so abruptly, Winter. Turns out I'm not over you after all. I need some closure. I need to feel the glide of snow beneath my skate skis one more time. I need to float through the bottomless powder during one more run.

What I need from Winter is a severance pop.

Can you just give me one more fling, Winter? One last refill in the mountains should do it, and then we can call it quits for good (until December). One more week. That's all I ask.

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South County Ciclista said...

You just may get that as this nice weather will end Sunday and snow will fall again.