Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cross Training

After getting my clock cleaned not once but twice last week, I knew I needed to do some serious training to get back into top form. So I decided to do the most intense training I know of. I took the kids camping. By myself.

If you have never taken a 2 and 4 year old camping by yourself, you don't know what intense training feels like. It's non-stop 100 miles per hour. 400+ watts all the time. Especially if you go all out with the dutch oven meals and everything:

Aubrie got a brand new fishing pole and she was excited to bust it out, and bust it out she did. She wasn't so excited about the prospect of kissing her first fish of the day though:

She had a respectable haul for dinner:
A few days earlier, I had some additional high-intensity training as well:
*Note that I am not wearing a white t-shirt or bike shorts under my life preserver/swimming trunks. That is the result of a hard-earned cyling tan (aka, the mark of the beast).

The family headed up for some waterskiing with some old friends. I forgot that with these guys, I should never jokingly suggest that we try something unless I really plan on trying it. I foolishly suggested to them that what the trip really needed was the waterskiing 3-man pyramid. Of course, that meant we really had to go for it. Here we are during the preparation:

The execution was a little... less than stellar:

After failing on no fewer than 15 attempts, we decided to place the blame on inadequate equipment. It couldn't have anything to do with operator error. It especially had nothing to do with the fact that this was my third time ever waterskiing.
With all of this high-intensity training, I am primed for Solitude this weekend, so watch yourselves!


Ski Bike Junkie said...

Rachel and I took the kids camping Saturday night. Amazing what a difference it makes having a teammate to share some pulls. Other than my son tearing his hand open on a rock, it was fun.

I think the rule is that if it's still bleeding after fifteen minutes, you need stitches. The corollary being that if the bleeding has stopped within fifteen minutes, you don't. Fortunately, the bleeding stopped.

I think my kids have finally learned why I constantly tell them not to run down hills.

South County Ciclista said...

I do need to bring my kids one time and go camping. After Leadville I will be up for the challenge.

You need to bag the skis for a wakeboard. Way more rewarding. I used to swear about slalom skiing. Not anymore.