Wednesday, August 19, 2009

AMC "Pre-ride"

I had the perfect plan. Head down to the Cedar Breaks area (Duck Creek, to be more precise) with the family (including my parents, my siblings, and their spouses and kids), spend 4 days getting acclimated to the altitude and pre-riding parts of the AMC course, and then head back 4 days later to race the AMC, which was supposed to be finishing today.

Of course, the AMC has been canceled since I made these plans. It would have been nice of them to cancel it before I planned my season (and my family vacation) around it. BTW, don't tell the rest of my family that I planned their vacation around my race (which never even happened).

The canceling of the AMC didn't stop me from having a good time down at Duck Creek with the family though. And since we were staying in a cabin that was a few miles away from the start of the Virgin Rim trail (which would have been Stage 1 of the AMC), I couldn't help but partake in some Virgin Rim goodness:

My brothers, my pops and I also hit the Navajo Lake loop (half of which was also supposed to be in the AMC):

You can tell that Finley (in the pack) is just fascinated by Bryce Canyon:

I made Wesla pull her weight as well:

And the scenery didn't suck:
Since I wasn't busy racing the AMC prologue on Thursday, it gave me a good excuse to head up to the Nebo loop to watch the Tour of Utah. In case you hadn't heard, there were reports of a bearded lady in the Payson Canyon:

The race leader was inspired. Or maybe just riding in fear.
At the back of the pack, there was a lot of extra long hand-ups going on:
Getting ready to show the riders his/her version of being a true Scotsman:

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South County Ciclista said...

Well we need to get a birthday A.M. American Fork ride in for you then since you missed the AMC. Looks like you had a good time riding casually down there though. Also Courtney fell asleep one time in our backpack on a hike and rubbed the skin off her forhead from swaying back and forth. Something about the backpacks puts kids to sleep.