Friday, October 23, 2009

5 and Under Singlespeed

The little misses has been wanting to race since long before the day she learned to ride on two wheels, so Saturday was finally the big day. Here she is with her little buddy at the start line:

She's ready to tackle the barriers, but needs some work on her remounts:
Motoring through the rough stuff:

This lap took the men's Bs about 7 minutes or so. This 5 year old did it in about 6. Or maybe it was closer to 46. To her credit, she stuck with it and came through with a big time finish:
After finishing, she asked if she won. "Um, I think you won the 5 and under singlespeed Category." She was pretty stoked.

Oh, and if I need to buy a $10 number plate and $8 for my 5 year old to race, at least hand out a ribbon or something. I realize that the manpower and resources at the CX races is pretty limited, but even handing a ribbon to each kid as they finish would make their day.

Great. I'm officially one of those parents. You know, the kind who tells their kids they won even when they didn't. The kind that rewards their kids with mediocrity. And whose kids grow up, enter the real world and wonder why people suddenly expect them to earn their keep, and then suffer from low self esteem because they come to the realization that they really aren't the best at everything they do, despite what their parent/teachers told them. But I still want my kid's ribbon, dang it!


Derek said...

This is where iCup wins out again. Half the fun for my 6 and 4 yr old is the goody bag and ribbon at the end. They love racing, but there is extra incentive when you get cool stuff.

My 8 yr old is fully aware of winning or losing. Ask him how he felt about getting protested out of a win at Deer Valley.

South County Ciclista said...

Let me know if you go again. I will bring my kids and we could field a couple more in that age cat.

Did you race the CX?

Rob said...

So which is worse: being one of those parents telling their kids they won or me, who read your post thinking: If I start my 3-year-old right now, by the time she is 5, we can totally win this thing.