Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Offsite Conference

While Rick was collaborating with some of the up-and-coming companies in the valley during a lunch meeting in Corner Canyon, I called together some of the most high-powered movers and shakers within our company for an offsite presentation held at the Dry Canyon Conference Room. Maddox, Jon and I did some field research that included Betty, Crank, Area 51 and Dry.

We'll need to do some benchmarking with the Draper group sometime soon, because at the end of the day, I'm confident that if we synergize by combining forces, and if we can think outside the box, we'll see some great results.
I just love corporate speak.


Jonnie J said...

The Draper squad would be happy to engage in some collaborative synergies with your team if you're willing to step up to the plate and as long as everyone promises to play nicely in the sandbox. In fact I believe we may be on the bleeding edge of a pardigm shift should such meeting take place.

Ski Bike Junkie said...

I'll be leveraging this idea on my next business lunch.

Ricky said...

I’m happy to see all involved vetting this out with such positive attitudes. The outcome will inevitably benefit both teams by helping us achieve the goal of a “one-voice” operation. Consistency, a unified front, and repeatable processes are some of our keys to success. I want to take a brief moment to acknowledge the multiple successes along the path [insert one brief moment here]. Now, we all know that we have a mountain of work to do to accomplish our common objectives. Let’s keep our focus.

Aaron said...

Ricky and Jonnie - you are both destined to accomplish great things. That sort of perseverating BS requires a rare gift indeed. You make me sound amature.

Rick Sunderlage said...

Can we get a meeting invite sent out?

Grizzly Adam said...

To: All staff

From: Inter-corporate Mission Liason

RE: Mission Directive Update

Date: Now

I am pleased with the engaging and rather informed collaborative energies that are being bounced back and forth between the two parties. As Inter-corporate mission Liason, I think it is imperative that we capitalize on this opportunity before the proverbial window shuts down this potential market share. Our clients rely on our abilities to adapt to a shifting and changing marketplace -even in this economy- so that when unexpected challenges reveal themselves we are not caught off guard or in a compromising market situation that would jeopardize our ability to enhance the client/corporate experience and leverage the profit potential in any given climate.

With that said, I fear that the ongoing synergistic energies, if not properly applied will go untapped and our competitors may pass us by without our ever realizing it. To that end, we need to be especially wary of any potential invites or temptations to meet in such non-conducive environs such as the Grove Conference room. It is counter productive to the overall mission and mantra that I believe we all have in mind in our day to day synergistic journey.

However, and I do say this with some trepidation, but it seems inevitable that our collaborative luncheons will soon need to become creatively scheduled, such as 5:30AM at the mouth of LCC, if we are to continue our ongoing efforts and if we ever have any realistic chance of accomplishing the big picture ends that corporate has passed down the line of command, and charged us with pursuing and protecting.

I highly recommend that those who have yet to update their hardware to accommodate these so-called "dawn patrols" do so immediately if they wish to be a part of any synergistic collaboration that may happen in the future.

PS: Whoever left the microwave looking like the inside of a diaper needs to clean it immediately.

KanyonKris said...

Run the idea up the flagpole and see who salutes.

Everything I need to know about corporate life I learned from Dilbert.

Is stakeholder Adam thinking a little too far outside the box?