Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Moab

Despite rolling her eyes and riding off each time I stopped to pull out my camera, KC has requested that I provide the documentation from this weekend's Moab epic ride (only about 60% as epic as those who did the Moab Rim Ride/Race on the same day though (which, um, didn't really happen in case anyone from the Forest Service is reading this)).

The route was a little something like this:

Watch out, Chris is Edgy, (and yes, my Paint skillz are unparalleled):
KC loving Chris' edgyness

Surprisingly, KC offered to stop and take this picture of what may be the most ridiculously named trail on earth:
One of the many highlights of the ride had to be riding past a few $50k jeeps on steroids on the way up to the top of Gold Bar. I'm sure they felt real tough having three dudes and a chick pedal past them while dressed in spandex.

The Holleys call this ride the best of the Rim Ride, and for good reason. The trails were awesome. Too bad the scenery had to suck so bad:

And now, just as I was ready to go into full bike-mode, we're getting 30 inches of snow in the mountains by tomorrow morning. Fortunately, I'm having no trouble cheating on winter with summer, and vice-versa, this year and I'm planning on getting my severance pop from winter tomorrow morning.


Derek said...

I am very jealous and trying to figure out how I can pull this off next week. It looks like you went out and back on Sovereign before heading across.

Aaron said...

Hope you are able to make it down. You're right about the out and back on Sovereign. As KC said, why would you ride one direction on Sovereign without riding it in the other?