Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My morning commute today was just miserable. With my recent move to the U.C., instead of sitting on I-15 for 35 miles, I can instead ride the Alpine Loop for 40 miles:

I hit up the biathalon at Soldier Hollow last night. I don't know how I finished, but I do know that I've never had so much fun during a race before. I think I did 6 penalty laps for missing the targets, but I think I also lost just as much time trying to steady the rifle enough to shoot. Finally on my last lap, instead of taking my time between each target, I held my breath and fired 5 quick successive shots and nailed each target. I hopped on my bike and rode toward the penalty loop just in time to see Richard finishing a penalty lap. I didn't know if he had another lap to do, and he didn't know if I had a lap to do, but our eyes met and we both knew that it was on. Fortunately, I was a little more fresh due to the lack of penalty laps, and I also had more momentum since he was still rounding the corner out of the penalty lap, so I was able to hold him off in the world's most unimportant sprint finish. Well, it may have been unimportant to everyone else, but after being outsprinted last week, I told myself that I was going to either win that sprint or die trying. I just about did both.

Chad, Mags, Paz, and I headed to Tarahumara in Midway afterwards, which might be one of the best Mexican restaurants around. Make sure you try the churros. If you do, you'll never buy a churro from anywhere else again. Of course, no trip to Heber Valley would be complete without listening to some old-school country music on Heber's local 1340 AM station on the drive home.


Keith said...

If I could have shot a little cleaner and not picked a bad weapon on my 3rd series I would have maybe been there with you in the sprint. Perhaps next time :). Great race. Hope to ride with you again soon.

Aaron said...

I'm pretty sure you passed me during the first shooting range because I'm a really slow shooter. I must have squeezed back by you during a penalty lap. I'm sure you'll have your revenge soon.