Monday, September 22, 2008

New Addition to the Family

Saturday evening, we welcomed a new addition to the family. We had been "trying" for a while, but with no luck. We were about to start looking into alternatives, but fortunately things worked out just before we were about to spend quite a bit of money on one of the alternatives. She was finally delivered this weekend, and she's perfect and well proportioned, although she's a bit on the light side, especially for her height. As is common, she may even lose a bit more weight soon after delivery. Although Wesla struggled with the delivery, she's doing better now and is currently at home recovering. The new arrival needed a little bit of love and care right after the delivery, but she's also home now and doing well. I know you're excited to see pictures, so here she is:

I told you she was beautiful. For now, we're just calling her "Superfly" (a bit pretentious, I know), but we may come up with a different name for her soon. She's already faced some pretty rough patches, but has handled them flawlessly.

As with any family that grows too large, some of the older and less loved family members are placed for adoption to make room for the newer members. Or maybe a better analogy is that I'm marrying-off the older family members (in exchange for a "bride price", of course). Let me know if you are interested in a Gary Fisher Paragon, size Medium. It's pretty well tricked out. You may also remember it as the fatcyclist's "weapon of choice." Here is a fairly recent pic:


UtRider said...

Nice! I am really starting to want a hard tail 29er geared bike but am having a hard time justifying the purchase. For now I'll have to make do with the 29er single speed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up. I'm going to put off riding with you 'till that new bike euphoria wears off.

Aaron said...

don't worry, tp. No amount of bike goodness is going to help me keep up with you on the climbs.

Mark - feel free to use my recent purchase to justify your purchase of a 29er geary. See my previous post for additional clarification.

Pat said...

Quality. I actually though it was a kid. Maybe that is because my mind is there with my wife expecting now. I wish I could say I was expecting they way you were. I'd love to be the proud father of a new bike. Two isn't enough.

Aaron said...

Pat! I'm glad you tracked me down. Of course 2 is not enough, because no matter how many you have, there's always room for one more. We should ride sometime. Congrats on the upcoming kid!