Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No go on Baile del Sol

I had intended to race 12 Hours of Sundance last Saturday, but due to some changes in the bargaining positions of my wife and me, I had to pull the plug Friday evening.

Instead, Brandon, Spike (1-speed ICUP series winner), and I headed to Payson Canyon to check out the Nebo Loop trails. It was a bit chilly (i.e., cold as a motel bible) when we met at 6:00am, but we warmed up pretty quick as Brandon took us on an extended climb from the bottom of Bennie Creek to the top of the mountain via Shram Creek and a few other trails. I doubt I can remember the exact route, but I remember Sharm Creek, Lizard Lake, Jones Ranch, BlackHawk out-and-back to and from the campground, and finally down Bennie Creek to the car. The mileage wasn't huge, but we climbed something like 4-5k feet and we were home by noon.

The amount of amazing riding in Utah County baffles me. You could play in Payson Canyon all summer and not get bored. Combine this with Diamond Fork, the Timp/Cascade Foothills, the Alpine Loop and the Draper trails (easily accessible from Hog Hollow), and I can't imagine anywhere that has this much good riding within such a close proximity.

Here are a few pics from the Brandon's camera phone:

Brandon captured all of the the scenic photo-opportunities, including my stop at the outhouse:

Don't ask me what Spike is so excited about or what he's doing with his righ hand, but it's a little disturbing:

I'm not sure what I'm doing here, but it looks like I'm preparing to do some sort of Russian dance:

As you can see, the alpine singletrack sections were just okay:

Even though riding in circles for 12 hours at baile del sol sounds like tons of fun, Payson Canyon was a pretty good substitute.


Anonymous said...

I am interested in taking the Russian Bicycle Dance Lessons. Let me know when they start.

Fish said...

I think we (collectively the Utah County Set) forgot to tell you one of our little agreements. Besides having great trails, there aren't that many people on them, which is a good thing. Remember, the uc is full of zoobie weirdos, there's nothing to do, and it's impossible to live here, so stay away.