Saturday, February 7, 2009

Skinny Ski Night

NOTE: See my most recent "CHANGE OF PLANS" post. No CX skiing tonight because the nordic center is closed. Come snowshoe with us instead at the top of the Alpine Loop.


(Outdated post):
Winter is not meant to be spend in your basement on the hamster wheel. So come join me on Monday evening for the "Full Moon CX Ski" - the winter version of a night ride.

When: Monday, the 9th, 7:00pm
Where: Sundance Nordic Center

Supposedly the moon and snow are bright enough that no lights are required. And hopefully once you're done, you will have found a good reason to spend a lot less time in the basement.

Meet at the Nordic Center parking lot at 7pm, we'll cross country ski for a while, and then we'll go grab a bite afterward. If you want to drive up together, give me a call or shoot me an email. CX ski rentals are available at the Nordic Center, but you may be able to get cheaper CX skis at BYU's outdoor rec center.

To get there, head up about 3-4 minutes past the ski resort. Just as you come around a gradual right hand turn, you'll see a sign on the left for the nordic center (if you get to Aspen Grove, you've gone too far). Take that left, drive another minute or two, fork to the right, and you're there.

Edit: I was at the nordic center and the track is nearly perfect condition. Should be even better on Monday. If it's cloudy, I'd recommend a headlamp (I'll probably be the dorky one with a bike helmet and a headlamp, because a helmet light is all I have). Also, you can get a ski pass and a ski rental for $13.50 at the nordic center, which is half price.

In other news, the kids and I spent some time throwing snowballs and laughing at the crazies who participated in the "run your bike as fast as you can" race at the Frozen Hogger. After that, I took my 4 year old skiing (the phat downhill ski variety). She's already a shredder (or whatever the ski version of "shredding" is. I only know how to pretend that I'm cool in snowboarding vernacular). She's moved on from the tow rope to the chair lift and can ski down the green runs by herself. I think we're going for some double blacks next week.

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