Tuesday, June 9, 2009


If you don't know about Pandora, you're missing out. Especially if you sit in front of a computer all day like me. It's pretty much the biggest thing to hit the Webernet since, um, well, porn, probably. I love it (Pandora, not porn).

So I created a station on Pandora that includes the following bands (added using the "add variety" feature):

The Shins
Elliott Smith
Death Cab
The Two Gallants

The amazing thing about Pandora is that it actually knows about bands like The Two Gallants. Over the past few months, I've occasionally told the station the songs I like and don't like. By now, pretty much everything that comes out of this station is good. Granted, it still thinks I like Modest Mouse and Coldplay a lot more than I really do, but I'll let that slide. It has, however, introduced me to some cool artists like Nick Drake (how I lived my entire life without knowing about him is beyond me), A.A. Bondy and Iron and Wine.

Overall, the station is on the mellow side, which is good during work (the only time I listen to it), but I probably should add a little sum'n sum'n to spice it up a bit.

Now I just need to come up with a way to transmit my Pandora stations directly to my iPod. How sweet would that be?

So what bands are in your Pandora station? Or if you've been living under a rock, what bands would be in your Pandora station if you had known about it? And what bands are missing from my lineup?


Ski Bike Junkie said...

I've been living under a rock until five minutes ago:
White Stripes

I'm a mac user at home which means no loading the ipod onto the work PC. Problem solved. Thanks.

South County Ciclista said...

I must be buried under a rock. I don't even own an ipod. My little girl has a shuffle. Does that count? Oh yes I do have songs on my blackberry. But I would listen to Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 311, Audioslave, and Sublime. And I would bring some Brittany Spears since I know you like to listen to that sometimes before you get ready for a race.

Chad said...

My favorite Pandora station is definitely the Chamber Baroque station. It rocks! And yes, I'm serious.

nails said...

Word. Give these a try:

Republic Tigers
Damien Rice
Bon Iver

Sounds like your ears hear like mine, you will enjoy these additions.

Aaron said...

SBJ - I'll give Raconteurs a try, but I'm still holding your public diss of Primus against you.

SCC - I have a separate station called "all Brittany, all the time."

Chad - that just goes to show how awesome Pandora is. You could spend years exploring the jazz, bluegrass, classical, etc. stations.

Mark - I haven't heard of a few of those. Look forward to checking them out.

JZ said...

Pandora is perfect for work computers. My current favorite stations (with very little customization from me since I am lazy) are:

Neko Case (I am in love with her voice)
Vampire Weekend
Talking Heads
Ryan Adams

Chamber Baroque? I did hear the Madeleine Choir perform this last weekend at the Cathedral of the Madeleine and they were incredible.