Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tibble Fork Picture Share

No time to write, but here are a few pics from yesterday morning's Tibble+Joy+Mud=Good ride:

Mark on the climb:

Elden in Tibble Meadow

Rick descending Tibble:

And although not from the Tibble ride, if you are night-riding in Glenwild, watch out for these bad boys:
Considering that we had at least 3-4 porcupine sightings and almost every one of us crashed at least once, it's amazing one of us didn't have a rather uncomfortable landing, followed by the removal of a hundred or so sharp quills.


Dave said...

Aaron, those porcupines were cool. if you got a pic of me from the Tibble ride, would you mind emailing it to me?


Carly said...

Hi Aaron- thanks for the comment!
I agree, what's with those Spaniards and their finger symbols!
Sastre didn't have much to celebrate about this year though...