Sunday, April 12, 2009

4 Posts in 1

It's been a busy week, so I'm combining four posts into one. This morning, I was watching some "Free Skiing" videos like this one with my 4 yr old (I'd recommend that you skip over the first 50 seconds or so):

She started to get her stoke on. She saw a double back flip and she says "I'm going to learn how to do that. But first I'll learn how to do just one flip." Tough to argue with that plan.

I asked if she was done skiing till next winter and she replied that she wants to go more this spring. Since Sundance is closed, we'll have to go somewhere else. I thought it would be good to get her out with some other kids her age. Anyone with kids around her age want to do some "ski free after 3" sometime this week?

In other news, I made it out to Scottie's Bowl last week with Mark, Dustin, et al. Here are a few pics:

The climb up:

Mark coming down:

And me:

I also got out on the mt bike between storms last week:

The deer are out in force on Frank's loop:

So are the mountain lions?

Finally, I hope you made it out on an Easter ride, because the weather was perfect. The Easter festivities wrapped up at my parents house, and I happened to have my bike (just in case), so I rode home. It may be one of my new favorite local road rides, and I call it the "Suncrestwich :

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KanyonKris said...

Wow, incredible skiing in that video.

And you're still getting some boarding in.

Nice route for your ride. I've done that too and it is good. I love going south on the Alpine Highway into AF - smooth pavement, good shoulder and slightly downhill so it's fast. I usually wind around the back-roads a bit more, but it's all good.

South County Ciclista said...

I have never taken my little girl skiing but it would be worth a try.