Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why Mess with a Good Thing?

*Note to my loyal readers who come back to read this blog entry in 10 years from now when my blog takes its rightful place as the most famous blog about splitboarding and mountain biking in the world: The date on this post is not an error. In the week proceeding April 16th, 2009, LCC received 4 feet of new snow, and we took full advantage. The morning of 4/16 went a little something like this:

Before today, I'm pretty sure I had already toured in Scotties Bowl more than anywhere else. But every time I've been, it's been awesome, so I wasn't too disappointed when we found out that it was the only open place in LCC that wouldn't get us blown up by UDOT.

During the skin up, the bombs were going off all up and down the canyon. I love the sound of those bombs, because when the bombs go "pow", so does the snow. Okay, so that about the lamest pun ever. Lame but true.

Anyway, here we are on the way to the top:

Adam (flexing for the camera) and I (trying to pretend like that 2000 foot climb was easy) with Pfeifferhorn in the background:

If Dug started rolling backward, I don't think he'd come to a rest till Wasatch Blvd or so:

I bet if we were to really hurry, we could drop from the spot this picture of Dug was taken (where the snow has to be over 10 feet deep) and be at the mouth of LCC (where the snow is currently about 2 inches deep and will gone by this afternoon) in about 25 minutes or so. Where else can you get away with 3 laps of pure joy before heading into work in the morning?

Here is BlackDiamond Ben dropping a 20+ foot cliff (or "a little hop", as Ben refers to it):

Not too many action shots today. The ride down was just too good to stop for pictures.

Check out Mark's writeup, which includes a video of me doing a front flip off of a cornice. Or was it Ben who did the front flip? I can't seem to remember... everything sort of blurs together after a morning like this...


dug said...

i thought adam did the front flip?

Grizzly Adam said...

dug is wise.