Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lunch Hours

Today during our lunch ride, Adam and I decided that the whole "Lunch Hour" thing is totally bogus. So we've renamed it "Lunch Hours." So from now on, from the hours of noon till 2:00 (a little later if you decide to blog about your lunch hours afterward), please join us in enjoying your lunch hours.

Today during my lunch hours, I decided I'd finally give the Crank TT a whirl. The start of Crank is always a little sketchy due to its steep pitch, but after I passed the turnoff to Blackbird, I got into a good rhythm. I felt as good as I've felt in a while, and I tried my best to live up to the trail's namesake. The last minute or so (which felt like 10 minutes or so) was a killer, with a bunch of false finishes. When all is said and done, I rolled in with a time of 7:35. And then I about lost my lunch, but fortunately I decided to put off eating lunch till later during my lunch hours.

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Grizzly Adam said...

I like "lunch hours". I need more lunch hours.